For the first time ever 6 young winemakers created a young red wine from grapes of the traditional variety "Portugieser blau" of vintage 2005 and sold it under the name

Especially "Blauer Portugieser" is perfect for the vinification of young wines, because it already shows its big potential in the year of harvest. This blend of grapes that are all of the variety "Blauer Portugieser" but cultivated in different vineyards, presented itself as a mild, smooth and fruity wine as early on as at the end of the year 2005.

Because of vast success, "friends of red" also made of the vintage 2006 and 2007 an outstanding red young wine!



St. Laurent - Pinot noir - Zweigelt

"classic 06" is a blend of important varietis of our region: St. Laurent and Pinot noir are responsible for
structure & finesse, Zweigelt harmonises with fruit flavours and charm. A classically matured red wine for sophisticated connoisseurs.

Repeatedly a successful product of acknowledged with the following awards:

GOLD: AWC Vienna - International Wine Challenge
GOLD: Verlgeichsweinkost "Weinland Thermenregion"
SILVER: New York, "Finger Lakes International Wine Competition" (


Glass instead of cork

blend as well as classic have been bottled by using a stopper made of glass instead of natural cork. There is no better way to close a bottle than with a natural cork, but even expensive and optically perfect natural corks can't prevent corky taste. Wines rank among unpalatable, fruit is covered by a musty smell. Responsible for that are excretions of fungi and microorganisms, the trichloroanisol, that develops during incorrect humid storage in the country of origin. Unfortunately, this fault (which can be up to 5 % per charge) can't be excluded from any delivery. Though there are chemical and physical methods to destroy and wash out these exciters, most of the time they are not satisfactory.

An alternative solution would be the already excisting synthetic stopper, practical and cheap. This stopper isn't used by quality-oriented wineries any more because the synthetic stopper is only insufficiently gas-proof. Thus, the wine ages faster and can change in a negative way by oxidation. Another possibility would be using screw caps, but they have the reputation of being used for cheap wines.

The new Vino-Lok glass stopper has all advantages on its side. The major part consists of glass. It's absolutely neutral and also gas proof like the natural cork. On the esthetic level, it offers the consumer what he or she expects of a stopper for a good bottle of wine. Besides that, the stopper is completely recyclable.